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Sys Admin Appreciation Day


2009 Winners

Congratulations to our 2009 winners!
Our Sys Admin Winner (and recipient of the $500 American Express gift card) is Ron Bridgeman of the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Ron was nominated by Michelle Conklin Executive Director at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Positive Comments about Tucson's Sys Admins

Excerpts from the entries

If an organization is like a body, then she is our heartbeat.

He is “coolness under fire.” No matter what's happening -- or not happening!!-- he's calm.

He can resurrect a computer, straighten out a quirk, exorcise the possessed, put out a fire and have the network or PC up and running again in no time. Then he checks back with you – often - to see if everything is running smoothly.

We are not sure when he sleeps, but he never says no to any request or project.

We couldn't ask more of him, and yet we do and he always steps up to the plate.

He is unfailingly polite and patient.

He is the most intrepid IT professional I have ever known. He will not give up until he has figured out the problem and has provided a workable solution.

The only thing wrong with him is that there is not enough of him to go around!

He cheerfully reboots servers late at night following a panicky instant message to his cell phone.

She is tireless in her efforts and always, always goes above and beyond her job duties to find ways to make the process run smoother for everyone.

During the company’s quarterly review process, he receives nothing but glowing feedback about his performance.

He exemplifies dedication.

He goes out of his way to understand what the requirements of each employee are and partners with our staff to provide education and support on their programs and systems.

No IT professional has made a more positive and lasting impression on me than our company’s Sys Admin.

He accomplishes the work of an entire IT staff single-handedly, and he has easily met and exceeded our very high expectations.

She has an incredible loyalty to the firm and a personal interest in making sure everyone's technical needs are met...both at home and at work.

He has saved us thousands of dollars by nursing equipment back to life.

He actively brainstorms each project so that we have options; and he's not intimidated by the employees' resistance to change and the various temperaments that flare up when they are under pressure to meet deadlines and something "is not working" - usually user error.

He does so much behind-the-scenes work that most of us don't even know the sweat he pours into this operation because he makes it look easy.

We appreciate his calming demeanor when there is that moment of dysfunction between the "mouse and the seat!"

She never takes all of her vacation and once told me that if she won the lottery she would still work here because she knows there is a need for what she does.

He goes the extra mile to help. Case in point, he emailed solutions to me while he was at a doctor's appointment!

Winners Photo

L-R: Doug Mayes, Jobing.com;
Jennie Smith, Nextrio;
Michelle Conklin, Tucson Botanical Gardens;
Ron Bridgeman, Tucson Botanical Gardens