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Sys Admin Appreciation Day

Q: Why is Nextrio doing this?

A: Quite simply, to raise awareness.

IT professionals are some of the hardest working folks you'll find in business. As a general rule, we don't get to go on reward trips with the top sales people, put on big parties with the marketing team or participate in cashing the big checks with the finance department. We're usually the unsung heroes that help all those other departments make that stuff happen. And this is our moment to shine together! Sure, the IT industry as a whole gets knocked for what others perceive to be poor interpersonal skills. But Nextrio knows the truth - because we're on the front lines with you, solving those impossible mysteries that can turn "total system failure" back into "situation normal." Whether you've ever needed a second opinion, an extra set of hands or simply someone to get you through a sticky situation, just know that you're not alone and there are people who respect what you do every day. Nextrio has had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing System Administrators in Tucson and this is our way of publicly saying "Thank You." If it changes some hearts and minds along the way - well, that's fantastic, too.

Jobing Video: Nominating a Sys Admin